How to Get & Control UFO In Fortnite?


Hello everyone, everyone wants perfection in Fortnite, and because of this Fortnite gamers want to control UFO. there are so many items, weapons, and vehicles in Fortnite, that Epic has to cycle through them gradually so that everyone gets a chance to use everything. The unexpected weekend update has taken the much-loved Fortnite Spaceship back to a battle royale in only four days after junk rifts unvaulted earlier this week to bring a little extra turmoil to combat.

How to Get & Control UFO In Fortnite?

From today until next Monday, August 15th, we can hunt for these flying machines all across the game’s landscape as part of the Flying Objects Weekend event. Let’s talk about where to find them and their functions.

What Is UFO in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, the UFO, or the Fortnite UFO location as it is called by developer Epic Games, is a flying device that can shoot forth energy balls and ensnare enemies below it. Do not be shocked if we find this unfamiliar. Left-clicking the trig charges up an energy ball that may be released with a single shot. It can fend off attackers and vehicles with minimum harm.

When the right mouse button is held down (or the left trigger is depressed), the Saucer will attempt to grab any player or object that falls beneath it. Dropping an opponent has no effect on their health, but dropping an object on an unknown person will cause fall damage. Putting the Fortnite Spaceship to use is the easy part; the real challenge is finding one before your opponents do.

Can We Control UFO in Fortnite?

When we first enter a UFO in Fortnite, the controls can seem a little overwhelming. As a rule, they are located on the left and bottom of the display.

Used the buttons to raise and lower ourselves. For Xbox, pressing B or Circle will cause you to quickly gain speed and launch into the air. Pressing L1 activates a tractor beam. When the crosshair appears over a target, we can get close enough to it by squeezing the left trigger, and then release it to go back up.

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Press R1 or RB on an Xbox to fire a missile. These take a while to get to full power, but they consistently deal 30 damage, have a decent splash radius, and can knock opponents off their feet. After we’re done, use the Square button, or the X button on an Xbox, to leave the spaceship.

Tips for Finding the Fortnite UFO

We should hurry up and start looking for the Fortnite Spaceship because it won’t be around for long. Since the Fortnite UFOs can only be seen during Flying Object Weekend, they are expected to leave on or around Monday. In Fortnite, flying saucers can’t be missed. These big cars come in shades of purple and grey. On the other hand, if we want to witness the Fortnite Spaceship in action, we’ll have to wait a while.


  1. North of Chonker’s Speedway
  2. South of Logjam Lotus
  3. Southeast of The Daily Bugle
  4. South of the Joneses
  5. Northwest of Sleepy Sound
  6. Northeast of Greasy Grove

How To Find UFO?

The Fortnite UFO, often known as the Fortnite Spaceship, is a five-seater aeroplane that can transport the whole squad at once. Following is a list of six specific locations on the map where we can find them.

Flying saucers feature a speed increaser and can change altitude on the fly, making them a formidable aerial threat. However, as driving autos makes you extremely noticeable, we should be cognizant of our surroundings and ready for visitors.

In addition, UFOs fire off energy blasts that do 30 damage to humans and 450 damage to buildings. This allows for the indirect killing of people by flinging them over cliffs or out of buildings, where they would likely die from the impact of the fall. One of the vehicles’ most distinguishing features is its ability to “kidnap” items or players below it.

The team can kidnap an enemy and deliver huge harm to them in private while they are distracted by the large object they picked up.


That’s all about our discussion on how to get & control ufo in Fortnite. It’s not very difficult to find it. You can follow our instructions and easily control them. We hope that you had a better understanding of what we want to say. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section. Thank you for your time.


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