How to Switch Affiliations in NBA 2K22 » The Best Way to Switch


Switch Affiliations in NBA 2K22: The next-gen version of The City in NBA 2K22 will require you to choose an affiliation, but you’ll have the option to switch teams if you decide you made the wrong choice.

How to Switch Affiliations in NBA 2K22

At the very beginning of their MyCareer, players will be able to choose from four different affiliations. Choose from the East Coast’s Beasts, the North’s Side Knights, the South’s City Vipers, or the West’s Wildcats as your four different teams’ names.

However, unlike Harry Potter, if you don’t like the Palace you were placed into in NBA 2K22, you can switch allegiances at any time.

What Is An Affiliation?

Each team in The City has its own home and courts, which are called affiliations. Obviously, you don’t have to stay in the area where you belong; you can go anywhere in The City.

Your player can advance in Player Rep status within their own Affiliation, where they will receive benefits for competing on their own courts. You feel the need to prove your superiority over other groups by challenging them on their own turf.

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This means that you need always be aware of how to alter affiliations for at least a portion of your squad in order to ensure that everyone is in the same affiliation as yourself.

How To Change Affiliations in NBA 2K22?

As mentioned above, when you begin your MyCareer with your MyPlayer, you will automatically be placed in one of four affiliations. The good news is that switching affiliations is not terribly difficult; the bad news is that you will lose all of your progress in your previous affiliation.

  1. In NBA 2K22, you can switch teams by traveling to the appropriate Town Hall, which is shown clearly on the game’s map.
  2. If you approach the front desk and speak with the guards, you can trigger the Affiliation Transfer Request screen.
  3. From here, pick the new affiliation that you want to switch to and confirm it.

So think carefully about whether you want to start over with Player Rep and everything in NBA 2K22 by switching affiliations since if you do, you will have to start from scratch.


That’s all about our discussion on How to Switch Affiliations in NBA 2K22. If you have any questions about how to switch affiliations in NBA, you can ask in the comments section given below. You can easily switch affiliations in NBA if you follow our tips and tricks. We hope that you had understood what we want to try to say. Thank you for your time.


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