How to Speed Flip in Rocket League » Best ways to do it


At the highest levels of Rocket League, the Speed Flip is seen as one of the most important skills to keep up with the competition. Read on to learn how to do a Speed Flip in Rocket League.

How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

What is a Speed Flip?

Many players will switch to this technique instead of the harder front diagonal and side flips because they think it works better. The talent does a lot of what it does by using parts of the Flip Cancel mechanism.

What is the function of Speed Flip?

When a player flips forward, they gain temporary speed. This is how simple launches are usually done. If the player uses boost while the car is going up, it will slow down and change its path.

A good sense of time and distance will be needed. If things don’t go as planned, drivers could scrape the bottom of their cars as they stop, which would slow them down.

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With the Speed Flip, players can flip forward at the ball and keep their noses pointed forward for a powerful launch. Since the car always faces forward, players can always use the speed boost that comes with flipping. It makes sure that the car’s nose will hit the target no matter how far away it is.

How do you Speed Flip in Rocket League?

A little practice is all it takes to become a speed-flipping pro. If you follow these easy instructions:

  1. Pressing X on the PS4 or A on the Xbox One will trigger a single jump.
  2. Following this primary jump, you will want to direct the left stick (L3 on PS4 and XB1) Up-left to initiate a left Front Flip.
  3. After this, you must instantly release Air Roll while pointing the left stick (L3 on PS4 and XB1) down to the left to cancel the flip animation.
  4. Keep holding Air Roll and press down-left on the left stick (L3 on PS4 and XB1).


That wraps up our talk about rocket league speed flips. Ask away in the comments if you need clarification. Our advice will make it so that you can speed-flip with ease in rocket league. We appreciate your patience.


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