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It’s clear that some NBA 2K22 players are having problems with the skateboard controls because questions about how to utilize them keep showing up. That’s a shame because skateboarding is the happiest and quickest method to travel about town. To that end, this article in the Skateboard NBA 2K22 guide will teach you the ins and outs of the skateboard, from how to equip it to what the controls are for performing tricks.

Get and Use Skateboards in NBA 2K22

What is NBA 2K22?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) inspired NBA 2K22, created by Visual Concepts and distributed by 2K Sports in 2021, is a basketball simulation video game (NBA). It’s the follow-up to NBA 2K21 and the forerunner to NBA 2K23, making it the 23rd game in the NBA 2K series overall.

NBA 2K22 How to ?

Skateboards in NBA 2K22 must be geared up before they can be used. The radial menu may be accessed by pressing L1 on the PS4 or LB on the Xbox One. Click the skateboard dude icon in the top right corner. Not much explanation is needed. This method of transportation is much quicker than walking or running, and it can be accelerated further by double-tapping the right trigger/R2 button in sync with the impact of each foot. Speaking of, let me quickly explain how to operate the skateboard.

  • R2/Right Trigger – accelerate
  • Move the left stick down – slow down
  • Left stick – steer
  • X (PlayStation)/A (Xbox) – ollie (aka jump)
  • Circle (PlayStation)/B (Xbox) – dismount skateboard

As for getting around on a skateboard, they are the fundamentals. You can flaunt your skills by pressing L2/Left Trigger and the right stick. You may utilize your skateboard to accomplish various tricks in NBA 2K22, including grind rails if you time it perfectly. Despite the challenges involved, it’s enjoyable to strive to learn and perfect these moves. You don’t need to understand them if you can’t.

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That’s all about our discussion on How to get and use Skateboards in NBA 2K22. If you go through our instructions then you will easily use Skateboards. If you have any questions about how to get and use Skateboards in NBA 2K22 then you can ask in the comments section given below. We hope that you have understood what we want to say. Thank you for your time.


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