How to Get Safe Code in COD Mobile in 2023 » Best Way to Get


The video game Call of Duty is created by Infinity Ward and distributed by Activision. One of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world is called Call of Duty. The recent “Ho-Ho-Hot Drops” event was held by Call of Duty. Players may receive a tonne of fantastic gifts during this event merely by gathering stars.

How to Get Safe Code in COD Mobile in 2023 » Best Way to Get

Players will receive Christmas boxes during this Ho-Ho-Hot Drops event while using the Battle Royale Blackout Map. Players may open the Christmas box with the Safe Code and receive fantastic rewards as a Christmas present.

In order to complete the game, you must gather 3000 stars. Collecting the Christmas boxes on the Battle Royale Blackout Map will award you stars. Your colleagues will receive a specific amount of stars in the after-action report while playing in a multiplayer mode based on their performance in the previous match.

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How does Safe Code work in COD?

By gaining access to the Christmas safe, players may unlock the Zero-Flocked operator skin. Therefore, you must first locate the Christmas Box. Next, you must obtain the right safe code, which will allow you to open the Christmas Box. You can receive rewards after you open the Christmas box.

How to Get Safe Code in COD Mobile in 2023

You must visit the high-loot area and get as many snowflakes as you can. The rewards displayed above can then be unlocked with these snowflakes. You will receive a digit for each “question mark” that you may utilize as a safety measure. To use it as a safe code, you must first obtain all six numbers.

In this “Slaying all the way event,” there are 2 additional rewards: a pistol skin and an Alice character skin. The “coffee shop interior ” contains the first safe. Visit the green door indicated in the above image. Use the window to enter the home instead of the entrance, which is a trap. Deactivate the trap once you are inside the home, then ascend.

Mission El Sin Nombre safe 2023

The mission’s safety protocol 02-02-19 is El Sin Nombre safe. Diego’s room is where the safe is. Plate Carrier armor and a silenced Lockwood 300 shotgun will be your prize. You must locate the safe in Diego’s bedroom.

Get two knives from the barbecue area; you’ll need them to murder Diego’s guards. Utilize the balcony on the second story to enter the home. Right now, you’re in a space with a pool table. Kill the guards once you move forward.

The room where Diego is staying is down the hall and is close to the elevator. You can find the safe by going into Diego’s room.


COD Safe Code Activision and Boundlessness Ward collaborated to create the mobile device at hand. One of the most well-known first-person shooter video games in the world has a crucial assignment at hand. A brand-new Call of Duty event called “Ho-Ho-Hot Drops” recently took place. Players may earn a range of amazing prizes during this event just by accumulating stars.

The most current Call of Duty Mobile codes is what you want. The codes that are all currently active in the game are listed below, along with advice to help you win more games. And you won’t want to miss out on any CODM redemption codes if you truly want to get your hands on in-game clothing, weapons skins, and other goodies.


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