COD: How To Get C4 In COD Mobile in 2023 » Best Way to Get


How to obtain C4 in COD Mobile? Composition C-4, or C4, is an explosive that appears in every main Call of Duty game. A clacker or double-tapping the use button can be used to remotely set off two plastic explosives.

In the campaign, the C4 COD Mobile is commonly employed as the primary weapon to take down significant objectives. In such a case, the player would have to carry the explosive and get to a secure distance before detonating it. The Bog is a level where the objective is to destroy the ZPU-4 in order to allow a friendly helicopter to fly above.

How To Get C4 In COD Mobile in 2023

When used, the player in COD Mobile will get two C4. A first-tier perk that Claymore can’t match in terms of damage output or splash damage. Pressing left on the D-Pad during the perk’s activation enables a detonation trigger to be pulled out.

Then, C4 COD Mobile is started by hitting the unique grenade button, which will adhere to automobiles, walls, and other objects. The equipment button will cause a delay of 0.83 seconds before the C4 explodes. Alternatively, C4 COD Mobile may be activated by double-tapping the reload button when the player has their primary weapon drawn.

The C4 is a questionable option since multiplayer games that need remote detonation must use it. It is usually used by those who wait for someone to enter the C4 before detonating it, which might provide difficulty for snipers.

How Does COD Mobile Get C4?

The makers of Call of Duty Mobile believed it was acceptable to provide players with this season’s new C4 Lethal with greater firepower. The C4 becomes accessible once Tier 14 of a no-cost Battle Pass has been completed. You are always allowed to use C4 in combat once we figure out how to obtain it in COD Mobile.

The C4 CoD Mobile is a remote-controlled throwable deadly that can be launched and exploded from a distance. Because of this, using it against other players is ideal. To combat the armies of zombies that are likely to be after you in these new themed events.

The two new COD Mobile scenarios with a zombie theme will benefit especially from the COD Mobile C4. You must protect your squad from swarms of zombies in the first game, called Undead Classic.

Super Attack of Undead is the next game, where a team member is chosen at random to be the first zombie and is granted the power to kill and turn on the other players. Your team’s goal is to eliminate the zombies and survive the round.

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The COD Mobile C4 will be incredibly helpful in these scenarios if you’re in a tight spot and need a quick or snappy way out because it supplies powerful explosives that you might detonate remotely and builds traps for the enemy side.

In COD Mobile, how can you get C4?

How to quickly explode C4 in Modern Warfare or Call of Duty Warzone if you have two. It will demonstrate the easiest method for carrying it out. You will find it very difficult to use a C4 in Call of Duty Warzone since they can easily kill players and vehicles.

You may hurl one C4 and then press the R1 button on your controller to launch two C4s at multiple enemies. It would be best if you pressed the R1 button a second time to blast them both simultaneously.

To explore the very first C4 without triggering a second bomb, you must first replenish your C4 supply before laying the first C4. If you hit the Square button twice, the first bomb will successfully go off.


The Claymore is a great weapon for sniper players that rely on truly sniping because it eliminates the need to watch the C4. Contrary to the C4, which they usually don’t have time to activate, the Claymore explodes instantly when an opponent stands in front of it.


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