How to Fix Rocket League Error 71? » Best Way to Fix it


Fix Rocket League Error 71: One of the occasional mismatching issues in Rocket League is Error 71, which prompts the message, Your connection to the game timed out. Rocket League is a top-tier soccer video game, thus any bugs or glitches in the game will cause widespread concern among players.

How to Fix Rocket League Error 71

Psyonix has admitted that errors like “Error 71” in Rocket League could be the result of a server outage or other problems commonly encountered by online games. Other common causes of Rocket League Error 71 include connection problems and using an out-of-date version of the Rocket League app.

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There are 5 solutions for Fix Rocket League Error 71

Check out this article for 5 solutions to the Rocket League technical issue 71 that you may try.

1. Verify the Online Servers for Their Current Status!

Checking Rocket League and Psyonix’s official server status should be your first step in resolving Error 71.

Checking Rocket League’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, is a quick and easy way to verify if the game’s servers are up and running.

2. Restart Router

In certain rare cases, a Rocket League issue 71 may be caused by your router’s internet connection and can be remedied by rebooting the router.

3. Internet Connection!

If you’re having technical difficulties in Rocket League, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection, as this is the only known cause of such issues. Check without delay if Rocket League is running smoothly by restarting your network connection.

4. Outdated Version!

It is recommended that you always use the official version of Rocket League to ensure that it has the most recent updates as released by Psyonix. Simply put, if you’re playing an older version of the game, you’ll encounter an instant technical glitch. So, all day long, you should be checking your console for updates and playing Rocket League.

5. Alternate Choices!

When dealing with rocket league issues, it is recommended that you first check the server status on Xbox One and PS4, and then restart your devices.

If you’re playing Rocket League on a personal computer, be sure security software isn’t getting in the way. To avoid any Rocket League issues, make sure the firmware is always up to date.

However, Rocket League problem 71 can also be fixed by reporting it directly to the technical team and the Psyonix staff. Those are the only confirmed methods for fixing error 71 in Rocket League at the moment; hopefully, you’re able to play without any further problems.


That’s all about our discussion on How to Fix Rocket League Error 71. Having read this, you should now be able to understand the causes of and solutions to Rocket League Error 71. Use our advice to quickly resolve error 71 while playing Rocket League. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions in the comments. To the point: I appreciate your attention.


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