How to Get The Free Among Us Backblingand Emote in Fortnite?


Get The Free Among Us Backblingand Emote: Innersloth and Epic Games have announced that you can get an “Among Us” back bling and dance emote for “free” in Fortnite. Fans have already been given more crossover material, like the Indiana Jones and Darth Vader cosmetic skins, in Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3 update, which is already available. Fortnite has become well-known for its frequent partnerships with famous franchises.

How to Get The Free Among Us Backblingand Emote in Fortnite

Geoff Keighley briefly showed off Epic Games’ battle royale at Summer Game Fest 2022 yesterday. It was mostly about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson without his shirt on, talking briefly about his role as “The Foundation” and promoting his upcoming superhero movie, “Black Adam.”

How to Get The Free Among Us Backblingand Emote in Fortnite?

To get back bling in Fortnite, you must buy Among Us or a Star Pack from the Epic Games store before 11 a.m. ET on June 9, 2023.

In Epic Games’ battle royale, the item and dance emote are technically free, but you have to buy AU for £3.99 or get its cheapest Star Pack for £1.59. If you already own the Impostor game on EG, all you need to do is buy a Star Pack.

When you buy the things, you’ll get the following:

Crewmate Back Bling:

  • This comes with 10 different styles based on the many colors of Crewmates, including Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, and Brown.

Distraction Dance Emote:

  • You can get out of any jam by using your dance moves, courtesy of our game The Henry Stickmin Collection!

How To Tie Epic Games Accounts Together

The Among Us and Fortnite FAQ says that you can link your Epic Games account to use the back bling and dance emote while playing on other platforms.

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Once you’ve bought AU or a star pack from the Epic Games store and unlocked the items, you can use them on other PC platforms or consoles. But you will need to link your Epic Games account. To do this, open Fortnite on your console, click Link Account, and then enter the code you see on the screen here.

Just follow the steps below for PC:

1. Open Epic Games

2. Sign into your Epic Games account by clicking on Sign in in the top right corner.

3. Move your mouse pointer over your name and click Account.

4. Click on Connections, then click on Accounts.

5. Click the Connect button next to the account you want to connect to your Epic account.

6. Click on the Account Link.

7. There will be a pop-up window. Sign in to your console account and make sure you still want to link it.

8. Click Keep Going.

9. Your console account and your Epic Games account are now linked.


Is that everything you need to know about obtaining the “Free Among Us” back bling and emote in Fortnite? Hope you will understand all that we explain. Thanks for your time.



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